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What is Archwest Capital?

What is Archwest Capital?

Archwest Capital is a fully integrated commercial and multifamily lender focused primarily on markets in the West Coast and the Sun Belt states.  The executive team at Archwest Capital provides more than just capital to our clients and customers. We provide innovative, tailored financing solutions, guidance, consistent support and efficiency in every transaction.

As a collective of commercial real estate experts, we have deep CRE experience and have over 70 years of partnered expertise in origination, asset management and the capital market space.  With this collective know-how, we aim to help our customers and clients grow in any market and environment.

When was Archwest Capital created and where are the headquarters?

Archwest Capital officially launched in January, 2020. Our headquarters are in Irvine, California (Southern California).

What services / products does Archwest Capital provide?

Archwest has two main multifamily financing products:

  • Archwest Bridge Financing – Provides experienced investors with the liquidity necessary to acquire, reposition and stabilize commercial property investments. The bridge finance options are typically made for a term of no more than three years. As an additional option, when the borrower is ready for longer-term financing, our competitive bridge-to-permanent financing product provides efficient access to capital with attractive terms.
  • Archwest Permanent Financing – Offers loan solutions with thoughtfully underwritten approaches to provide long-term financing of multifamily property investments. The long-term financing options have more accommodating terms, such as flexible DSCR and occupancy requirements. Archwests Capital’s Permanent Financing product provides creative loan solutions, especially geared toward the experienced commercial real estate investor.
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