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Women Helping Women in 2022

The following is an excerpt from a column by Tricia Mitchell. The article was published in Geraci’s Originate Report, the full article can be read here

While we have seen huge strides for women in the workplace, the two questions I periodically ask myself are: what more can we do to make the workspace more diverse and equitable? And what does it truly mean for women to help other women? It may involve looking for opportunities for those who do not already see them, encouraging those you have hired to excel in their own right, and fostering a collaborative environment where cross-departmental learning is always encouraged. Regardless of what it entails, it should always involve working on tangible bite-sized goals to get that person closer to their personal career goal. With a little more intention, it is the women in management who certainly hold a key to unlocking a more inclusive environment for other women in the workplace.

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